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5 Reasons You Should Submit Your Site to Directories

Posted By Amber On January 12, 2009 @ 3:07 pm In Link Building | 7 Comments

Link building [1] is and has been a great long term strategy for increasing your SEO presence.  Link building is the process of creating inbound links to your website.  This can be done by reciprocal links, e-zines, press releases, newsletters, and most importantly, directories.  A directory is a website that lists other websites by subject. Users who want to get information on a particular subject will either to go the basic Google search, Wikipedia or they’ll search in a directory by a particular subject.

Directory submission is a process where website owners will submit their website to a directory in order to drive up their link juice for SEO rankings.  If you get a link from a directory it is followed, and therefore the older the directory is and the more popular the directory the more valuable the link is back to your site.  I must say if you’re looking for a quick fix, short term solution to increase your SEO rankings this is not it.  Submitting to directories is a long term SEO strategy that takes time to gain quality link juice.   There are both paid and free directories.   There are also very niche directories that can be extremely relevant to your product or service which will help generate quality traffic to your site.  Overall, it’s better to have fewer links from the niche directories than a ton of links from general non-niche directories.

1.       Possibly Increased Rankings:  The search engines put more emphasis on links that come from the more popular, well-established sites.  Therefore you’re likely to increase your rankings for keywords if you’re getting a link from a well known site like the Yahoo! or Business.com directories.  Always think high quality sites over high quantity of sites.

2.       Link Juice:  Search engines give greater value on one-way links over reciprocal links. Therefore getting a link from a directory will be more significant than getting a link from another site where you have reciprocal linking going on.  By submitting your site to well-known directories your pagerank [2] should also increase.  Pagerank is basically a number system that ranks how important your site is. The more popular the search engines view your site, the greater a chance you’re site will rank higher.

3.       Get your site indexed faster:  Being listed in a popular directory like Yahoo! or Business.com is a great way to get the search engines to index your site.  Because directories are updated so frequently, search engines crawl directories more often than other sites, so your site is likely to get noticed more quickly than not having any directory submissions at all.

4.       Quality of Traffic:  People search for information in the directories are looking for something specific. Therefore the quality of your traffic should be higher in a directory.  As I mentioned before, the directories are broken down by subject, therefore people are selecting their category that pertains to their search query and should find your site.

5.       Creates Trust:  having a link from a quality paid directory like Yahoo or Business.com comes with an element of trust [3].  Yahoo and Business.com listings go through a human editing process – so when Google or another search engine sees this link, it’s almost a “stamp of approval”.

Now there are down downfalls to submitting your site to directories. One I’ve already mentioned, it’s not a quick fix or a short term strategy, it’s a long term strategy and you may not notice results right away. Another is that the important, more well-known directories aren’t free.  Some of them cost up to $299 per year, but worth every penny.

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