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5 Helpful SEO Firefox Plugins

July 8th, 2009 | | Basic SEO Tips

As search engine marketers we need to be able to access useful information quickly. For numerous reasons, SEO professionals and web developers use Firefox for their internet browsing. The Firefox browser alone is great, but they really seal deal with me because of all the useful tools you can utilize to gain more insight into your SEO initiatives.

There are many SEO plugin tools for Firefox but today I am going to explore five that will you find helpful, and they’re easy to use!

SearchStatus: This plugin has various features that are easy-to-use and very helpful. For any page displayed  in your browser, you can acquire the following information: nofollow links on that page, review the links to this page, view the meta tags, you can check out the robots.txt file, display the keyword density of the page, and there other additional features as well. All of these are very helpful.

SEO Tools For Firefox: This tool, created by the folks at SEO Book, is very robust. Within the SERPs you can view Google cache date, Google PageRank, Del.icio.us comments, numerous Yahoo link data points, number of cached pages, as well as directory information from DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. This tool also has built-in features such as a keyword research tool and Google trends info. This is a pretty powerful tool.

SEOQuake: With SEOQuake you can display additional information within your SERPs. This plugin can provide information in regards to Yahoo backlinks, the age of page, Google PageRank, Whois information, density of keywords, and there are other features you can add. Also, you can personalize how this information is displayed.

Firebug: Firebug provides numerous development tools quickly and easily while you browse through the SERPs. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. This plugin can be helpful for making quick adjustments to your site and conducting competitive analysis.

Live HTTP Headers: This tool allows you to see ‘Headers’ and ‘Page Info’ for each URL. This plugin can be helpful for debugging net applications, seeing which kind of server a remote site is using, and viewing the cookies sent by a remote site.

As I mentioned, there are many other useful SEO plugins for Firefox. But if you aren’t using any of these tools right now, this short list will get you started. Here is an additional list if you would like to see all of the currently available SEO plugins for Firefox. Happy browsing!

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