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4 SEO Predictions for 2010: “The Year of Results”

Posted By Finn On December 30, 2009 @ 8:07 am In Social Media & SEO | 3 Comments

I have a feeling that 2010 will be my kind of year. It’s going to be the year that infuriates and inspires me, sometimes in the same moment.

It’s because I’m one of those that hate to be measured by but love to see results. And 2010 is going to be “The Year of Results.”

Because I think a few things are going to happen:

1) SSO Won’t Bark Until…

Sometime around January, Google Caffeine will be running on all their data servers. Google has also hinted that SSO – Site Speed Optimization [1] – could become part of the search algorithm. Put that in with the fact that Google’s running real time results from social networks and one could deduce that SSO could become a huge factor.

Could become.

Most sites already have acceptable download speeds and probably wouldn’t get penalized. But SERPs won’t be what stirs the pot.

2) …Further Download Restrictions Bite Down Harder on User Experience

In the last couple months, mobile service providers have been putting download restrictions on users. iPhone users in New York and San Francisco are already feeling the impact of network over-saturation [2]. I went to buy a network broadband card from the major cell phone providers to find that all of them have capped the download usage at 5 gigs a month. 5 gigs! (And for those who think they’re getting “unlimited”, double-check your bill. Especially for overages) Ever try to watch TV online or watch / listen to YouTube playlists? 5 gigs goes by in a hurry.

Not to mention the download restrictions being put on ISPs. 250 gigs sounds like a lot til you use public Wi-Fi.

And it isn’t like less users are using the internet everyday.

If you want to offer a lot of content to your users, especially travelers with broadband cards, do you want your website wasting precious download space in its template?

3) Consolidation of Companies Cause Consolidation of Marketing Strategies

For the last couple years, companies have been learning what Social Media can do. Many predict that 2010 will be the year that businesses will want to see what Social Media can do to make them money. Many leaders including Chris Brogan are already predicting consolidations and foldups. [3] With tightened budgets for most, investments in innovation will have to turn a profit as well as heads.

What does this mean to SEO?…

4) The Rise of “Inbound Marketing”

Social Media Specialists will need a metric that works. Many have already turned to “Inbound Marketing.”

A phrase coined by Hubspot [4], “Inbound Marketing,” or “Pull Marketing,” is a process that has quickly been adopted by many leaders. Inbound Marketing incorporates social media, SEO, blogging & email marketing into a website conversion model. It takes the focus away from traffic, rankings, and followers and puts it on overall performance.

Inbound Marketing is also a way to show traditional businesses how this “new stuff” works. And if you know anything about businesses, you know they typically like to relate newer concepts to things they already know – and “inbound marketing” even sounds traditional enough for offliners.

How close do you think I’ll come?

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