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3 Ways to Add Natural Content to Your Website for SEO

April 17th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO, SEO Copy Writing

Earlier today I watched the newest SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday video where the topic of discussion was going over-board with on-site optimization.  The gist of the video is that many SEOs waste their energies, and even jeapordize their campaigns, by keyword stuffing, adding uneccessary internal linking and worse yet – writing unnatural content (i.e. content that repeats keywords over, and over, and over…).  As is my way, this video set my mind wandering.  Knowing what-not-to-do is important, but what should SEOs spend their precious time on?  The usual suspects scrolled through my mind’s eye – link building, proper internal linking and natural content creation.  And there we have it (my topic, that is).  What are the best methods for creating natural content to grow your SEO campaign?  Without further ado, here are 3 ways to add natural content:

  1. Create Unique Pages About Your Business - This is the no-brainer of the bunch.  So many folks who create a website simply neglect to fully explain their business/product/service in their content.  The old “brocure website” phrase comes to mind.  But this involves more than simply stating your case and moving on.  You need to distinguish yourself and your content to acheive the best results.  Review your competitors’ content, perform searches in Google for your targeted keywords and create a checklist of what everyone else is doing.  Now, do the exact opposite!  Create pages about your business that truly set you apart.  And when you get stuck, there are plenty of resources for kick-starting the creative process.
  2. Start a Blog - If ever there were a cliche in the search marketing industry, this would be it.  I’ve heard it said over and over and over again that starting a blog is a relatively simple way to add content to grow your SEO campaign. But within that cliche is a nugget of truth: a properly executed blog can be a GREAT way to add content that propels your rankings upwards and brings traffic (and even repeat traffic) to your website.  The freshness of the content, the informal nature of the content – all of these things are benefits to blogging for SEO.   That being said, there is a strong sentiment that any business interested in blogging should truly consider the work and risks involved.  So do your homework before diving in head first.
  3. Distribute and Publish Press Releases - Press releases are a hefty task for anyone, but the payoff can be huge. If you take care to create well written press releases that are timely, news-worthy and relevant to your business/products/services, than you have in your hands a powerful assett to your SEO campaign.  Since this is a post about ways to add content to your website, I’ll start by saying that press releases can be a simple addition to your cache of content.  For many businesses, PR is already one of many offline marketing activities that you can simply piggy back for SEO.  If PR isn’t a priority, put on your thinking cap and start writing!  Either way, create a press room and as you produce releases, publish them to your site.  But the kicker here is that your efforts can pay off in areas beyond content creation!  Through the scope of SEO, press releases are also a great way to build exposure and links!

These 3 methods for adding content to your website are but just a sampling of your options.  Think of it as a place to start!  As you begin to create new content, you’ll begin to discover other methods of adding content.  Maybe a forum or other user-generated content works for your website?  Maybe an in-depth FAQ or support section is needed?  The possibilities are really endless.  But whatever you choose – just remember that adding natural content to your website is a sure-fire way to propel your SEO campaign forward and begin to achieve rankings and drive traffic to your website!

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  • http://www.actv-tec.co.il קידום אתרים

    One of the first advices I give to corporate websites, is to open a corporate blog, where every week a different company worker/manager writes a post.
    It is very easy as all the content writing burdon doesn’t fall on one worker.

  • http://www.seoboy.com John

    @ קידום אתרים,

    Thanks for commenting! You touch on a very important piece of the “blogging for SEO” discussion – the issues of administration. By that I mean understanding who will write, when they will write and with whom does the responsibility lie to make sure the blog remains active. All things to consider and plan for before launching a blogging initiative.