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3 Quick Tips for Improving Your Site Architecture for SEO

Posted By Eric On March 11, 2009 @ 6:03 am In Crawlability,Information Architecture | No Comments

SEO Architecture [1] isn’t a trick or slick method to get more visitors.  It’s actually good for both search engines and visitors in a win-win situation that is actually surprising.

When I talk to business owners about SEO options and tips, this is the one topic that makes them uncomfortable, squirmy and withdrawn.  One day I’ll just stop them and say “Ok, what? What is it? What’s wrong? Why are you edging to the door?”  I would expect that reaction from a spam campaign suggestion, not something as wholesome as clean architecture.

I’m guessing some don’t want to “change” their site for the better.  They may have spent thousands on a site that doesn’t generate any leads and tampering with the site may admit defeat.  Rather than view it as defeat, it should be viewed as a learning mechanism to move on to the next level. So before the cringing begins, here are three quick architecture tips to help you view your site in a new way – as a tool to quickly inform your visitors and as a way for the search bots to index your site [2] easily.

1. List your topics

Each site for a company, organization or person can be and should be split into different categories on what the site is about.  This is beyond the About us, Contact Us and Products/Services pages.  If you offer auto repair services, there should be main topics based on the main systems of the car (electrical, mechanical, etc) or by basic car part (engine, tires, lights, steering, brakes).  Some would say that your topics should be based around keyword research.  While that could help, it is most important that your topics are groups together in ways that are easy to understand.


  • Rotors
  • Pads
  • Grinding
  • ABS
  • Emergency


  • Tread-type
  • Weather-specific
  • Rotation
  • Spare


  • Headlights
  • Turn singles
  • Brake Lights
  • Overhead/Dashboard/Fuses

In this example, writing about Emergency Brakes can naturally link to the dashboard lights.

2. Organize your topics with original content

This is where you can really make your business shine.  You can write your own experience onto your own site.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not a polished author. In fact, that might be a bonus.  There are many sites that offer articles you can purchase and place on your site, but I recommend staying away from those places.  If a similar article is purchased 20 or 200 different times for 20 to 200 different sites around the web, your site will not be seen as unique by the search engines – and that’s not good.

3. Clear, Consistent, Straightforward Navigation

Simply put: People should be able to see where they need to go on every page.  If you choose horizontal navigation or vertical navigation, it should be consistent throughout the site.  CMS sites are good about this.

These are only three out of a whole score of tips on what makes a good architectured site. I chose these tips to emphasize the importance of having something worthwhile on your site that is unique and that shows your visitors you know your stuff. Content on your site grouped logically that has consistant navigation will put your site in a wonderful position that will help your visitors and search bots to go through your site.

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