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Archive for September, 2009

3 Stats Reports I Use Often From Google Webmaster Tools

September 22nd, 2009 | | Crawlability

If you’ve been doing any research on SEO this year, you’re going to hear a lot about content, content and more content. It’s no lie, content generation is great for SEO.  But there are other important things you can do to increase your SEO traffic and conversions that is more, reactionary.

I use Google Webmaster tools (GWMT) almost on a daily basis. Each time I login and click around I find something new about my website that I didn’t find …

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Announcing Our $16,000 SEM Sweepstakes Giveaway!

September 21st, 2009 | | SEO Boy

This morning we’re launching our $16,000 SEM Sweepstakes Giveaway!

What does this mean exactly? This means we’re giving away $16,000 worth of SEM prizes. These prizes include:

  • 100 copies of some of the best SEM books around! The topics range from paid search, search engine optimization, and landing page optimization!
  • Exclusive access to excellent SEM software. Those who enter may win subscriptions to some of the best SEM management software available!
  • One lucky grand prize winner will receive a free PPC account audit …
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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 19th, 2009 | | SEO Boy

Yo ho ho! Greetings and happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Everyday SEO Boy performs heroic feats of SEO management but that doesn’t mean he can’t cut out some time to swab the deck (like old times)! Before PPC Hero found SEO Boy, our little hero had a checkered past. Sure, he worked on a few pirate ships as a kid, but who didn’t? Really? In their spare time during the summer for comic book money? Yrrrrarrrggh! Enjoy!…

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SEO News Round Up for September 18, 2009

September 18th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • We talk a lot about link building here at SEO Boy – it can be a time consuming, but definitely worthwhile if done properly. A few days ago, SEOmoz posted A Link Building Rule to Cut Out and Keep, and it’s a good one – “The most valuable links you can get, are those which your competitors will never be able to have.”
  • Have you ever searched for something and the first result you get is a page that is …
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50 Search Engine Optimization Definitions Every Advertiser Should Know: A SEO Terminology Glossary

September 17th, 2009 | | Basic SEO Tips

Let’s face it, when it comes to SEO there are many terms that sound like they come from a foreign world. Whether you are new to search engine optimization (SEO) or looking to hire an agency, it is important to understand the industry lingo. SEO-speak can get pretty technical, I often get lost myself! But learning these 50 core SEO terms will get you a long way to understanding how the process works.

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It’s Coming: Our Totally Awesome SEM Giveaway Contest

September 17th, 2009 | | SEO Boy

Tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell your mom (well, if she’s interested in search engine marketing)!

On Monday, September 21, Hanapin Marketing (the company that produces the PPC Hero and SEO Boy blogs) will be announcing an amazingly awesome SEM giveaway contest. We’re giving away $16,000 worth of search engine marketing-related prizes, including:

  • A hundred SEO, PPC, and SEM books!
  • Free subscriptions to seven exceedingly useful SEM tools and services from some great companies: SEOmoz, SEO Book, ClickSweeper, ShoeMoney, The Search Monitor, …
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Google Pushing PPC onto a poor SEO boy

September 15th, 2009 | | Basic SEO Tips

Maybe some of you all have gotten these envelopes before, I haven’t. But it threw me a curve.

For years, Google has been the ever-growing no-evil company that was a dream company to be an employee. I never really followed Google as a company in the past. I was just more focused on the search engine and side projects. Years ago, I was introduced to various stories of their huge complex. …

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SEO Boy’s SEO Audit Podcast – Lewellyn.com

September 15th, 2009 | | Podcasts

Today marks our first SEO Audit Podcast here at SEO Boy! We’re getting things started with Lewellyn.com. They provide electrical safety consulting and maintenance training services for safety supervisors at factories and various other large facilities.

The SEO Boy team has provided some tips on elements of the site that could be modified to increase Lewellyn’s  SEO conversion rates and rankings. Topics covered in the podcast are as follows:

  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Content Suggestions
  • Meta Data: Optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, anchor …
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Great Content Equals Higher Rankings, Even For Small Businesses

September 14th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO

Often the team at SEOBoy will hold presentations where we talk about different aspects of SEO and social media for small businesses in our local area. During these presentations, we’ll get questions like, “I own a local plumbing company, do I really need a blog? Who would read it? Are my customers really looking for me on Facebook?”  And honestly, they’re all legitimate questions a small business owner should ask themselves.

Most business owners, large or small should know the first …

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SEO News Round Up for September 11, 2009

September 11th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • For truly powerful link, it’s essential that you understand how links affect rankings. Rand Fish discusses the ways search engines judge the value of a link. Bonus: lots of charts for those of us enjoy visual aids.
  • Who are they? What do they like? What do they want? Knowing what makes your audience tick is key to converting them into customers, and it’s easier – and cheaper – than you might think. This post from Search Engine Watch discusses …
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