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Archive for March, 2009

5 Recession Survival Strategies for Your SEO Campaign

March 31st, 2009 | | SEO Management

These economic changes have caused several companies to tighten belts, decrease spending, and make each dollar spent count for more.  For those in the middle of an SEO campaign, it’s an opportunity to fine-tune your over-arching strategy by thinking of it in a new light -  a new cat-like, swift-ninja kinda light.

1. Get to the Point

Think about your potential customer.  Think about what they want right then.  You have 2 seconds of their attention before they leave.  What …

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SEO Pricing Models: Sometimes It’s the “How” Rather Than the “How Much” That Matters

March 31st, 2009 | | Pricing Models for SEO, SEO Management

Everything has its price, and these days it seems like we’re weighing and considering each dollar we spend a whole lot more carefully. And, sometimes how we pay is just as important as what we pay. For instance, if your business is seasonal you may have portions of the year where budget is tighter and some months where your income increases significantly. If you wanted to start an SEO campaign during those tight months to help prepare your business for …

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Down and Dirty Interview with Aaron Wall from SEOBook.com

March 30th, 2009 | | Interviews

Here at SEO Boy we try to read as many top blogs in the SEO industry as possible. Mainly because we’re all kind of nerdy in our own way and enjoy this stuff, but also to learn and keep up with ever-changing technology.  Aaron Wall is one-of-a-kind SEO guru so-to-speak and thus the prevalence of this interview with him.  SEOBook.com is a blog by Aaron Wall covering anything and everything SEO.  Aaron owns several websites and has been mentioned …

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SEO News Round Up for March 27, 2009

March 27th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • SEOmoz just released their latest update to the Professional’s Guide to Link Building. While it’s not free (a small fee of $39.99), it seems like a good investment to get tips and tricks from these link building gurus.
  • The folks over at Google Blogscoped have uncovered a new search option experiment by Google dubbed Wonder Wheel. If Google deems this experiment worthy to implement, it will change the way everyone uses Google search by offering more dynamic, relevant search …
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How to Be a Social Media Snob and Why It’s Important for Your Success

March 26th, 2009 | | Social Media & SEO

One of the most talked about elements of SEO these days is utilizing the power of social media to reach the masses (and gain a few links along the way). There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful tool and should be a part of your SEO campaign. But knowing that you should do something is only half the battle. When formulating a social media strategy, the problem that I always face is the decision of …

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Use Google Website Optimizer to Achieve a Higher Conversion Rate

March 26th, 2009 | | Conversion Optimization

In my last article, I discussed a list of elements you can test on your website and landing page. One way to easily conduct tests on your website is through Google Website Optimizer. Today, I’ll give a description of Website Optimizer, how it can help your testing process, and some tips on how to use this tool.

Google Website Optimizer allows you to experiment with the content on your website in order to determine what appeals best to your …

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2 Ways of Using Social Media to Improve Your SEO Campaign

March 24th, 2009 | | Social Media & SEO

While it is still being argued whether or not Social Media is beneficial to business, some have taken a hold of it, others are wondering how to get social media to work.  But I would urge you to take a step back from the arguments and see that Social Media can be a benefit to your SEO campaign in the simplest of ways.

1. Social Media as Link Building

In one personal experience, I had the privilege to try to boost SEO rankings for …

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Learn the Pros and Cons of Using Multiple H1 Header Tags vs Adding New Pages

March 24th, 2009 | | Nuts & Bolts of Optimization

There is a lot of discussion on the importance of header tags (H1, H2, H3 – H6) in the blogosphere and how they affect SEO. Basically, header tags are a way of organizing and outlining copy within a webpage. The search engines do place more emphasis on header tags over bolding titles or just plain body copy, as header tags give an overview of what the page is going to talk about and are generally looked at …

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Every Link, Every Image Is a Chance to Optimize for Your SEO Keywords

March 22nd, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

Today’s post is about an important SEO lesson: opportunities for keyword optimization lay around every corner!  A great deal of websites that I manage SEO campaigns for come to me as completed websites – meaning that I had no part of designing the site.  This means that my job as an SEO is more than just creating content and optimizing for my targeted keywords.  It’s also about carefully reviewing the website for crawlability issues and being resourceful in how …

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SEO News Round Up for March 20, 2009

March 20th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Have a new website but sure where to start your link building strategy? Do not worry! Dana Larson has written a post at Online Marketing Blog to help you out! She provides five good ideas to help you get started! Is your website “old”? Well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this helpful article!
  • David Berkowitz interviews Rebecca Lieb on at Media Post. Rebecca is the author of the recently published “The Truth about Search Engine Optimization.” This is …
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